History of Our Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin was developed together with students, faculty, and staff in 2016 following a series of discriminatory events in residence halls. The request was for the university to be more proactive in creating opportunities for incoming students living on campus to engage with diversity and inclusion in a consistent way.  To learn more about the events that led to the creation of Our Wisconsin, please follow #therealUW.

 In 2017, Our Wisconsin was launched to all first-year students living in campus residence halls as a 2.5-hour workshop.  These workshops were facilitated by students, faculty, and staff across campus who were committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion conversations among first-year students. 

As a result of the global pandemic, as well as the shifting needs of students, Fall 2020 saw Our Wisconsin become a primarily online program.  This was also the first year that the program became required for all first-year and transfer students. Beginning in Fall 2022, Our Wisconsin now features both the required online course and additional in-person programs to engage students in dialogue and skill building around sense of belonging and creating inclusive communities. 

Sign up your group to take the Our Wisconsin program

Our Wisconsin can be taken by any student, faculty, or staff member on campus.  If you’re interested in signing yourself up to be enrolled in the online course, or want to enroll a group of people to experience the online module, please reach out to ourwisc@studentaffairs.wisc.edu.