What is Our Wisconsin?

Our Wisconsin is an inclusion education program that was created to raise awareness of the diversity across the UW–Madison campus and to encourage students to share their diverse perspectives to build community and create a sense of belonging. The Our Wisconsin experience consists of an online module, follow-up online survey, and facilitated in-person programs that center on topics of inclusion, social justice, and life at UW–Madison. All incoming, first-year, and transfer students are required to participate in the online component of Our Wisconsin. 

Learning outcomes

  1. Participants will learn about social identities and build awareness of how personal and systemic actions impact individuals’ experiences.
  2. Participants will make connections between systems that limit rights, freedoms, and access as well as those that create opportunities and benefits while considering the impact on individuals and communities. 
  3. Participants will develop strategies for engaging in dialogue and action to build an inclusive campus.

I liked how we started as individuals, and by the end of the workshop we became a community.

-Student participant

Even though I wasn’t comfortable sharing all of my identities it [the workshop] made me more comfortable with myself and it showed that I am not alone, and that my residence hall is more diverse than it may seem at first glance.

-Student participant