What is "Perspectives"

In living environments, classrooms, or student organizations, strong dialogue skills can turn potentially tense moments into valuable growth opportunities. Perspectives is an online program from the Constructive Dialogue Institute that blends psychology and interactive activities to help you connect across differences and navigate conflict.

What You Will Gain

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Learn hacks to improve dialogue skills for any situation, including:

  • Roommate disagreements
  • Political arguments with family
  • Debates with classmates
  • Collaboration on school or work projects
  • Managing emotions during heated discussions
  • Making and maintaining friendships with people from different backgrounds than your own

How to Get Started

  1. Launch Perspectives in your web browser.
  2. Create an account with your email.
  3. Register for the program.

Get Rewarded When You Complete Perspectives!

For a limited time, earn $25 on your Wiscard when you complete the program. Perspectives’ six online modules can be finished at your own pace – all at once or with just 30-minutes a week for six weeks! Plus, add Perspectives to your resumé to highlight your new, sought-after communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How long will Perspectives take?

Perspectives includes six 30-minute modules that are self-paced. You can complete them one at a time or all at once.

Is Perspectives a required training?

At this time, Perspectives is an optional training for UW–Madison undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Is Perspectives just for new first-year and transfer students?

At this time, Perspectives is open to all UW-Madison undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

When will I receive my $25 Wiscard incentive?

Upon completing Perspectives, your information will be automatically submitted for your $25 Wiscard incentive. The funds will then be added to your account the month following your completion date.

For questions or accommodations, please contact us at