Workshops and Trainings

Social Justice Education provides a variety of educational workshops for the UW–Madison community to assist in developing awareness, knowledge, and skills to engage in creating positive social change.

Organizations and individuals all come to workshops at varying levels of understanding and skills. Please review the workshops below to gauge which workshop your group may benefit from the most.

Social Justice 101

These workshops focus on Self, Systems, and Skills – providing terminology, a space to dialogue, and ideas on how you can make a meaningful impact.

Understanding Social Identity

What does identity mean, individually and in society? Introduction to social justice, related terminology, and identity reflection; interrogate your most salient identities as well as their connection to power and privilege. Reflect on the contexts that raise consciousness of your identities, and how you can manage this consciousness through a social justice lens.

Approximate Time: 60-90 minutes

Social Justice 201

These workshops are intended for audiences that have familiarity with topics of social justice and identity. These workshops move beyond foundational social justice knowledge to equipping groups to dig deeper into examining systems of power, privilege, and oppression.

First Messages: Identity in Society

How does society impact our understanding of social identities individually? Using the Cycle of Socialization, we will reflect on messages we receive in our lives that have taught us about our identities, how we learned to perceive social identities, and the forces beyond oneself that influence the perception of social identities.

Approximate Time: 90 minutes

Interrogating Power and Privilege

How do our identities connect to power and privilege? Power and privilege are fundamental to the innate power dynamics in our society. The first step to navigating these dynamics is awareness, followed by learning the ways we can utilize these dynamics to advance social justice 

Approximate Time: 60-90 minutes

Introduction to Microaggressions

What is a microaggression? How do we recognize them and how do we respond to them? How can we hold ourselves accountable when microaggressions are knowingly or unknowingly committed? Our microaggressions workshop addresses all of these questions, as well as some foundational knowledge around social justice.

Approximate Time: 90 minutes

Tailored Trainings

Trainings will be adapted to fit the needs of your group. We are able to combine workshops, activities, and topics to create a tailored educational experience.

Fill out the form below to request a workshop for your class, unit, staff, or organization.

Before requesting a workshop, please note:

  • Requests are not guaranteed commitments until they are confirmed by staff.
  • Requests are accepted dependent upon facilitator availability and organizational capacity.
  • Priority will be given to workshop requests that are for UW-Madison students.
  • We ask for a commitment of at least 15 attendees by the requesting group.
  • The requesting group is responsible for providing space and accommodations unless otherwise specified.
  • Please request workshops at least 3 weeks in advance.

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Learning Outcomes


Participants will learn about social identities, positionality, and their relationship to power and privilege.


Participants will learn about systems of power, privilege, and oppression. 


Participants will learn how to be more inclusive and socially just.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Micro-Courses

The Office of Inclusion Education and UW–Madison Libraries partnered to develop two online micro-courses to expand your knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  These non-graded, self-paced, and interactive professional learning objects aim to expand learners’ knowledge of social justice, including race in the classroom and facilitating discussions around racial topics.

The two courses are:

  • Reflecting on Social Justice Foundational Concepts – This micro-course focuses on some of the foundational concepts helpful for fostering deeper self-awareness and understanding of other social justice topics. This developmentally sequenced course is intended as a place for reflection on one’s own experience at a pace that feels manageable to each person who completes it. Lessons include social identity, socialization, implicit bias, and micro-messaging. If you are already familiar with some of these concepts, challenge yourself to consider them from new angles or identities.
  • Including and Navigating Race in the Classroom – This micro-course focuses on the importance of diverse representation in classroom materials, integrating materials into courses, and facilitating conversations around racial topics. This developmentally sequenced course is intended as a starting point for an iterative process of continuous development on best practices for inclusive classrooms. The level of content in this micro-course is appropriate for graduate students and staff.
Image of audience looking at powerpoint on projector screen.
Two presenters at WUD Alternative Breaks workshop.
Image of two people at podium presenting. Projector board shows powerpoint on the right and say's Let's Talk About Race
Two presenters at Rec Well Diversity Forum.
Two folks are on stage presenting to audience with a projector screen on the left.
Two presenters at Camp Kesem Workshop.