Criminal Justice Reform

The Social Justice Hub Criminal Justice Reform team works to promote awareness and change related to social justice issues in the criminal justice system.


Meetings take place Wednesdays at 6:00 PM during the academic year. Meetings can be accessed here.

At these meetings, we discuss criminal justice topics, brainstorm ideas for future events, work on existing event planning, and research for our newsletter and podcast. Some items we have researched include wrongful convictions, people of color in law, and local organizations involved in reducing recidivism.

Members are invited to pursue any social justice-related issues in the criminal justice system that are of interest. Meet fellow students interested in reforming the criminal justice system, have your ideas heard, and learn how to be more involved on campus!

Criminal Justice Reform Leadership

Leadership positions are selected in the April/May for the subsequent year, with positions created throughout the year. UW-Madison students are welcome to apply.

Co-Directors: Clarence Harley and Alli Burgdorf (contact them here)

    Events and Collaboration: Kalli Anderson              Newsletter Editor: Regan Hawkins

Research Team Lead: Kayla Parker and Eliza Donnelly