Social Justice Education Programs

Social Justice Education Programs provide educational opportunities that support exploration and engagement in topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. UW community members are able to request trainings and workshops as well as participate in other learning opportunities about social justice. Collaboration with student organizations and campus partners is encouraged and occurs regularly.

Our area focuses on:

The mission of Social Justice Education Programs is to cultivate learning opportunities that develop and support self-exploration, critical dialogue, and the capacity to build just and inclusive communities.  

Social Justice Education Programs envisions a campus community that addresses and challenges systems of power, privilege, and oppression to cultivate an inclusive and equitable environment that values and affirms all members. 

Come Visit Us

Join us in 207 Red Gym. Come to discuss inclusive practices, consult on questions or thoughts, and gather resources for a more socially just leadership approach. We also have a Social Justice library you are welcome to borrow from. Our space has coloring books, puzzles, games, and self-care activities to ensure a relaxing space to be.

A conference style desk sits in the middle with a white board to the left. A sign is in the middle of the image behind the desk and a library is to the right of the image.
The entry way to the SJ Education space. Two chairs and a table sit to the left and a poster board is on the right wall.
A black couch sits in the middle of the image with a table to the right and three pieces of art hung above.
A table with four chairs is at the bottom of the image. A library with books and art is featured behind the table.