Social Justice Education Programs

Social Justice Education Programs provides educational opportunities that support exploration and engagement in topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. UW community members are able to request trainings and workshops as well as participate in other learning opportunities about social justice. Collaboration with student organizations and campus partners is encouraged and occurs regularly.

Social Justice 101

These workshops focus on Self, Systems, and Skills – providing terminology, a space to dialogue, and ideas on how you can make a meaningful impact.

Workshops and trainings

Request a Workshop

Please note that requests are not guaranteed commitments until they are confirmed by staff. Requests are accepted dependent upon facilitator availability and organizational capacity. Priority will be given to workshop requests that are for UW-Madison students. We ask for a commitment of at least 15 attendees by the requesting group. The requesting group is responsible for providing space and accommodations unless otherwise specified. Please request workshops at least 3 weeks in advance.

Social Justice Leadership Retreat

The Social Justice Leadership Retreat (SJLR) helps students explore their personal stories and experiences in relation to their peers and in the contexts of systems of power and oppression. SJLR is held annually. By participating in the Social Justice Leadership Retreat, students:

  • Identify their own multiple intersecting identities, experiences and biases, and how they map on to concepts of privilege, dominance, and oppression.
  • Explain how their identities and experiences influence their understanding of leadership.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of their role in interrupting bias and prejudice in themselves and their community, and their role in developing strategies to build positive communities.

LGBTQ+ Crossroads

The Crossroads Initiative is a collaboration between the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC) and the Office of Inclusion Education. It is a “Uniquely Wisconsin” approach to addressing the intersectional realities of our student’s lives. This initiative bridges the work of both the GSCC and Inclusion Education  to address the needs of students living in the intersections of race, sexuality, gender, and other layers of identity.

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