Food Justice Collective

The Food Justice Collective increases awareness of food justice issues, promotes sustainability within the UW–Madison food system, and connects and supports leaders of campus food-related organizations.

Members are invited to pursue any food justice-related issues they may be interested in. Meet fellow students interested in reforming and reimagining the food system, have your ideas heard, and learn how to be more involved on campus.

Food Justice Collective logoFood Justice Collective Leadership

Leadership positions are selected each semester, with positions created throughout the year. UW–Madison students are welcome to apply, including for the Co-Director position to join Raven. Contact the Food Justice Collective Co-Director Raven Hall and Zoe Allen with additional questions.

Collective members

The Food Justice Collective Ambassadors work collaboratively on food access and security issues on campus and in the surrounding communities. Additionally, they advocate in their organization’s best interests to make sure that any initiatives are representative of their mission. 

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

MANRRS is a student-run organization on campus that aims to assist members with developing the skills and tools to succeed in the professional world; provide opportunities to network with professionals in agriculture, natural resources and other related sciences; and participate in workshop sessions, keynote addresses and a national career fair.

Ambassador: Raven Hall (she/hers)

Slow Food UW 

Slow Food-UW is a student-run organization on campus that provides high-quality, low-cost meals to students and members of the community. Their mission is “to promote and model an alternative food system where food is good, clean, and fair for all by supporting sustainable food production, creating an inviting community around food, and advancing food justice in the Madison area.” Slow Food-UW offers Family Dinner Nights every Monday at 6:30 p.m. at The Crossing. Slow Food Cafe sells lunch to the public every Wednesday from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Ambassador: Angelina Michael (she/hers)

 F. H. King 

Students for Sustainable Agriculture is a student-run agricultural collective connected to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. They “strive to connect land, food, and the Madison community, demonstrate alternative agricultural techniques and advocate for sustainability in the community.” The core of F.H. King is its two-acre organic farm in Eagle Heights. During the growing season, they give out produce for free on Library Mall through their Harvest Handouts program. Outside of the growing season, F.H. King hosts educational programming, workshops, and community events.

Ambassador: Jenny Zinniker (she/hers)

The Grow Program

The Grow Program is a community resource that provides volunteers to work in partnership with communities and community centers with a goal that community members, who are most knowledgeable about the specific needs of their community, use the Grow Program’s volunteers and partner organizations to carry out their mission. ​They work to minimize food insecurity by providing fresh and locally-sourced produce to community members on a weekly basis at no cost, support community centers to understand the specific nutritional and cultural needs of each distinct community, and provide education on the health benefits of a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based (WFPB) diet and (2) how to cook culturally-relevant, healthy meals.

Ambassador: Anya Beric (she/hers)

 UW Frozen Meals Program

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Frozen Meals is a program on-campus that packages unserved dining hall food into individual meals that are frozen and available for students at no cost. Meal pickup sessions are being held twice a week at The Crossing from 3-5pm on Tuesdays and 12-2pm on Fridays. These meals can be taken home by students to freeze and eat throughout the week.

Ambassador: Sammi Visintainer (She/hers)

 Campus Food Shed

The Campus Food Shed aims to address food insecurity and unnecessary food waste: research produce, as well as other fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown away, is housed at several fridges located conveniently on the UW–Madison campus and is free for all students, faculty and staff.

Ambassador: Emily Edwards

Feed the Change

Feed The Change Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their mission is to provide food, clothes and life essentials to those in need while reducing local food waste.

Ambassadors: Eli Winter (he/him), Sammi Berebitsky (she/hers)

WUD Cuisine

The WUD Cuisine Committee is here to be an advocate and platform for student engagement in and discovery of the food system: on our campus, in Madison, within our nation, and around the world. They host cooking workshops, demonstrations, conversations, and lectures from faculty, professionals and community members. All free events sponsored by WUD Cuisine Committee are intended for UW–Madison students, faculty, staff, and Union members and guests.

Ambassador: Olivia Rossman